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Welcome to the secondary school integrated program model

Secondary school integrated programs organize learning in a different way. 

Instead of changing classes every seventy minutes, students stay together for part or all of the school day. The learning expectations from 2 to 5 different courses or credits are combined or integrated based on a theme or topic. Students choose to participate in these programs for a full semester and are usually selected through an application process. Working together with others with similar interests, students form a learning community who are able to learn through significant projects and experiences in the community beyond the school.

The Integrated Program model has been in existence for over thirty years and is effective for all kinds of learners: leadership development, careers, or at-risk students. It employs learning strategies that have broad support in the educational research literature. The model provides a direction for secondary school reform. In Ontario the model exists in over 130 locations and across the rest of Canada there are an estimated 40 programs. 

This site supports the Integrated Program model and the educators who wish to adopt and advance it by:

communicating the key features

• collecting information on current programs through an ongoing survey. Teachers of current programs are invited to complete the survey (20 minutes) 

• keeping a database of current programs

• prompting development of an Integrated program community of practitioners

• and providing direction for professional development support


This website is a result of the interests of the Educational Alliance for A Sustainable Ontario, The Gosling Foundation, and Learning for a Sustainable Future.